Here we focus on the areas where you are either out preforming or lagging your selected Benchmark peers (to change you benchmark see: Select or change your benchmark) and on those areas that represent your company strengths and the best opportunity for improvement if you are lagging your peers. 

All comparisons are relative the the selected Benchmark (see 1 below)

The average scores of the Benchmark are listed in the comparison tables (see 2 below)

In order to calculate your listed strengths and opportunities your questions scores are compared to your selected Benchmark. Our algorithm then selects the top 3 questions in the top 3 elements that differ the most from your selected Benchmark.

To see the question related to the number click on the questions number (see 3 below)

To see the detailed distribution of all the responses and where you company falls relative the the population of processed audits click on the distribution chart icon (see 4 above)